Smartdici and his arrival at the InnovaStartup Seal: "We are very excited and looking forward to participating"

Smartdici, the technology company with 7 years of experience and presence in Latin America, an expert in the design of real-time analytics solutions, is the new startup that became part of the InnovaStartup Seal technology showcase, in search of continuing to contribute to other companies to improve their relationship with the client and enhance their commercial possibilities.

Its CEO, Juan Ramos, tells us about the experience with Innova360 and InnovaConnect “We met Innova 360 in 2018, we participated in InnovaDrinks events where we managed to network, so far a very good experience. We find the InnovaConnect program very interesting, as it could help us position and give visibility to Smartdici solutions. We are very excited and looking forward to participating in the Innova 360 program, collaborating with organizations that are part of this ecosystem, and becoming even more international ”.

Regarding its beginnings and current status, the executive maintains that “we were born in 2014, with the incentive to create a high-level service that would provide quick solutions to corporations. This is motivated by the work experience of the founders in large companies, where time to market is vital, however a technological project takes months and with great costs. We started venturing into transportation, the agricultural area and Telco, until we managed to create a platform that would involve all industries with the concept of Real Time, and we created Sepiia, with which we have also reached Mining and Greencity ”.

On his beginnings and search for capital, Ramos maintains “Our beginnings were of a lot of effort, but always with a stamp of innovation, in all our products and services, from the first moments we coined a motto that we maintain today“ We make your life easier".

Finally, regarding their future projections and what they are doing this year, Juan tells us that “Today we are in a process of national and international expansion, attracting new clients through partner development. At the national level, we have been working as a technology provider for WOM Chile for 6 years, recently we signed an alliance with Anasac, for the development of a joint project for the "Digital Farm", additionally we entered with WOM Colombia, as a technology provider, replicating and improving the solutions already implemented in Chile. Our projection for 2021 is to at least double the income of 2020, and frankly we are on a very good path ”.

Welcome to our program !!

If you are a technology-based Startup and want to be part of our seal, discover more here!

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