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"New alliance, Global Corporate Venturing and Innova360"

"New alliance, Global Corporate Venturing and Innova360"

Global Corporate Venturing (London), one of the most active organizations in the world on Corporate venture capital, and INNOVA360 signed a strategic alliance to help promote the issue in the region.

To start this joint work alliance, Global Corporate Venturing will launch its own platform GCV connect, Open Innovation platform related to the INNOVAconnect program of INNOVA360. This will be made available to all large corporations participating in the next Digital Forum (http://www.gcvdigitalforum.com/) this 3-4 June through which it seeks to find technology-based companies that provide solutions to major industry challenges.

These participants will have great visibility given the large call for prominent Corporate Ventures and Venture Capitals, and also represents a great commercial opportunity for those LATAM companies that want to participate.

Some of the participating companies and investors include:

IBM Ventures
Motorola Solutions Capital
LG Chen
Silicon Valley Bank

Caterpillar Venture Capital
Shell Ventures BV

This initiative seeks to be one of the initial kicks in what is already seen as a tremendous opportunity, given the significance that INNOVA360 has given the importance of developing Corporate Venture Capital in the region through the www.innovasummit.com and other local activities, of which Global corporate venturing have been active participants for the past 2 years.

Global corporate venturing offers various services related to Corporate venture capital with members worldwide, in its mission to inform, connect and transform the corporate venture capital ecosystem worldwide. They have the only news publication dedicated exclusively to companies that invest in venture capital and are the leaders in the development of corporate venture events worldwide.

“We are very happy to be able to take this great step and continue advancing in a task that we had already set ourselves, but this time with a great international ally" Laura Chicurel, CEO INNOVA360

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