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Blackbox, the venture that seeks to optimize electricity billing: "growing with multinational customers is a great opportunity"

Blackbox, the venture that seeks to optimize electricity billing: "growing with multinational customers is a great opportunity"

Blackbox is an enterprise that manages the purchase of utilities services of industrial, commercial and public clients, making transparent and democratizing access to markets, this as a way to break the asymmetries and natural monopolies where the buyer does not understand what is invoiced and it has no bargaining power with its service providers. Along with their first product Goenergy, a platform developed in 2019 focused on optimizing electricity billing and generating savings based on a pool of services provided by third parties, is another of the disruptive technological solutions that become part of our InnovaConnect program.

“Our experience with InnovaConnect It has been pleasant and close, we have felt welcomed throughout the initiation process. We hope to reach the corporate customer segment with solutions that improve internal reportability to support decision making and cost savings. In addition, growing with multinational corporate clients is a great opportunity for any startup, but also validating the business on Chilean soil is essential to ensure future growth, ”says Sergio Taricco, Blackbox Business Partner.

Initially, the executive says that “we did a lot of consulting to understand customer needs, package solutions in a practical way and generate income. As there is practically no private venture capital in Chile, we turned to CORFO, which has supported us throughout the growth process. "In turn, we created alliances with energy managers to offer their services to a broad base of industrial customers who paid premiums for their electrical services and did not have a clear view of their improvement options."

Regarding its current status and projections, Taricco comments that “we are focused on scaling SaaS-based electrical monitoring services to achieve national coverage. Our projection is to reach 100 subscribed clients and US $ 5 million in savings generated by 2020. Despite the Covid-19, this pandemic is also an opportunity to generate liquidity in times of crisis. Focusing on the improper charge recovery service is a great relief for SME companies, where their energy providers have not behaved up to the circumstances and continue to charge more than their fair share. This is not only a legal problem, but also a moral one that affects the development of the national industry and its competitiveness. ”