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Catalyzing innovation with results

“Catalyzing innovation with results”

El InnovaSummit 2019 Not only was it a great experience for the more than 650 attendees and 90 speakers from Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico, United States, Holland, Spain and the United Kingdom, but also for participating startups and enterprises that were able to meet, interact and networking with international companies and foreign investment funds, valuable instances that generated opportunities for them to develop Corporate Venture, the possibility of raising capital and exploring possibilities to internationalize their businesses.

In this sense, for Nicolás Behar, Executive Director of Recylink -Plastic construction waste management platform-, and who won the first place in construtech, participate in the InnovaSummit 2019.

“It was a very satisfying experience. We already knew the world of VC and innovation, however, Corporate Venture Capital was something that we had not explored in depth, so it gave us a great view of how this ecosystem works, and where we could connect with new organizations and companies to we. It is a great instance for startups and entrepreneurs to internationalize or have contact with investment funds. The instance and the opportunities that resulted from it are appreciated. ”

For its part, Cristián Emhart, CEO of Food for te Future (F4F) -startup that transforms organic waste into sustainable ingredients and high nutritional value for animal feed-, winners of the agtech category, said:

“It was an interesting and very enriching instance for all the startups that participated. We were able to interact and interact with this entire corporate world, and also to know and understand different topics that venture capital investment funds or incubators are looking at. Having participated and being the winner in agtech is very important, because it validates us before international companies and funds that were present, such as Rabobank, with whom we were already in talks, then gives them security to continue working with us. ”

As for the experience that the sponsoring companies of the event lived, Rafael Wadnipar, Masisa New Platforms Manager, assured that:

“It allowed us to connect with the ecosystem of innovation in construtech. From the role of business transformation, we were able to connect with other companies that have common interests in transforming the construction industry and planning common innovation challenges; and from our role as CvC we were able to connect with startups closely linked to the focus where we are working, with opportunities to work with them on internal challenges for Masisa and investment options with others to validate alternatives and incorporate them into our portfolio. ”

Meanwhile, María de los Ángeles Undurraga, Relationship Manager of RaboFinance, appreciated that:

“There are spaces like InnovaSummit, where we can witness innovations and technologies that are disrupting the industry and also have the opportunity to participate in instances that align with our mission: to develop a better world together. Our participation in the vertical of agtech and the call for innovations for a more sustainable agriculture, responds to the fact that as an important player of the agribusiness, we have the responsibility of looking for these technologies and promoting the development of solutions ”.

In this way, as a way of giving continuity to our work and commitment to the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem, next Tuesday, November 26, we will develop our 14th InnovaDrinks “Sustainability: Waste Management” BCI is born at the Center, when we will have a panel discussion of large companies that will address their experiences and latest trends in this area, in addition to the presence of a delegation of Dutch entrepreneurs and the presentation of two InnovaSummit 2019 winners: F4F and Recylink who said they were very excited to participate in this occasion to continue exploring business opportunities.

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