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“Connect and show your value with InnovaConnect”

Breakfast Startups: “Connect and show your value with InnovaConnect”

On the morning of Wednesday, February 26, the “InnovaConnect Breakfast” was held at the Centro Nace BCI, an event in which a program that aims to link innovative technological solutions with large corporations was presented to a hundred startups. The appointment was the prelude to the event: "InnovaConnect, Connecting Solutions with Real Challenges", which will take place on April 1 and 2 at the Renaissance Santiago Hotel.

The presentation of the InnovaConnect program for Startups, also kicks off the Innova360 digital platform, a portal that seeks to be a meeting place between challenges and technological solutions in order to democratize open innovation in Chile. The program is now available to the first 30 Startups that apply and are selected to be part of this showcase of solutions for large corporations. To do this, they must have innovative products that are attractive to large corporations and complete the form found in the "Startup Membership" section of the Innova360 website.

On the other hand, the April event will feature business conferences that will be developed around the themes: Fintech, Telco, Health, Construtech, Agtech, Minetech, Retail and Investment, where the participating Startups will promote their solutions to more than 20 national and international corporations and investors, among other activities. To learn more about the event and companies can participate in these wheels, you can do so through the event page.

After the presentation of the program, Claudio Ramírez, Marketing Manager of Yoy Simulators, maintained that InnovaConnect "seemed quite good to me and the fact that Laura comes from Silicon Valley shows that they have the networks to support a program of these characteristics".
For her part, Nicole Campusano, Business Executive & Digital Manager of UAV Sensefly, commented that "We are happy to see that this finally happens in Chile, we really need spaces that connect us to large corporations, it is fantastic."
Finally, for Martín Vega, CEO of Vega Mining, he stressed that “instances like this are appreciated, since it is difficult to show our developments and technologies. There are other events, but you don't see the professionalism and organization of Innova360. ”

For more information about the program and applications of people, startups and companies, we invite you to visit www.innova360.cl/innovaconnect.