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INNOVAdrinks "Ecommerce and Logistics: great opportunities and challenges"

INNOVAdrinks "Ecommerce and Logistics: great opportunities and challenges"

Today, Thursday, May 14, our 16th #InnovaDrinks took place "E-Commerce and Logistics: Great opportunities and challenges" where we have the participation of a great international speaker: Hector Shibata Director of Investments at AC Ventures (Arca Continental), who introduced us to "The future of logistics, a regional perspective".

In this instance we also have a conversation panel, where we discuss how large companies are transforming their strategies in the world of E-Commerce and Logistics, to face an increasingly growing demand, due to the global pandemic we are experiencing, with the presence of Mauricio Russo Co-Founder of CASA IDEAS, Janan Knust Ceo & Founder of K LOGISTICS GROUP, Alan Meyer General Director Chile of MERCADO LIBRE and Hector Shibata Director of Investments of AC VENTURES (ARCA CONTINENTAL).

In addition, we have the presentation of BOOSMAP As a great regional benchmark in the world of "the last mile" and as part of our INNOVACONNECT program, we learned about the technological solution of CHATTIGO.

As true articulators of the ecosystem and in our commitment to innovation, Innova360 launched today InnovAction, "actions for innovation". where in this opportunity, we open the possibility of benefiting a startup in need with a monetary contribution.

This contribution will be channeled in the first instance, through voluntary donations from third parties that participate in the activities of Innova360, which we commit to transfer and will be assigned to a startup of choice.

The Yews

  • 04 2020 June
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