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Güeno, the startup that registers clients through WhatsApp with operations in the US and Latam

Güeno, the startup that registers clients through WhatsApp with operations in the US and Latam

Güeno, As a Service (SaaS) software for customer registration from start to finish through Messenger, WhatsApp, Webchat, app, web or API, is the new startup that joins the select showcase of the program InnovaConnect. This technological solution, with operations in Chile, Argentina, the United States, and other Latin American countries, allows the immediate commercial impact to be promoted, since people can buy products or contract services easily, quickly, and safely, and companies sell with the minimum effort and maximum impact.

Regarding your arrival in InnovaConnect, expect “Generate synergies as partners, resellers or ambassadors in front of different corporations, a joint cooperation scheme. That would be a first step, then internationalization and finally contacts with the funds, would have as a back-up the successful case of working together ", says Tomás Ramella, CEO & Cofounder of Güeno.

On his beginnings, Tomás comments that “in 2017 I decided to return to Argentina to undertake and found the difficulty of access to credit, so I founded a loan-marketplace, a win-win for users and financial entities. The limitation to access the financial market lies in the lack of financial education, as well as the great inefficiencies and high costs that companies face in registering new clients. The customer registration developed for the marketplace was a success and banks wanted to join the marketplace through onboarding. The client sign up market is superior to the US 100B in only four countries in Latam, for this reason, Güeno left behind the loan-marketplace with sector and national impact to specialize in client registration ”

Regarding its topicality, it indicates that “Today we have operations in four countries, with more than 25 clients and success stories in Banking, Insurance and Telecommunications. For 2020 and the near future we hope to enter the Mexican market with the help of 500.co. In our case, the worldwide crisis of Covid-1 increased our sales and made the entire structure remote. We increase the commercial and development team to meet the increased demand for our services ”.