Open Innovation
Connecting technology solutions
with corporate challenges

What is Innovaconnect?

Innovation platform that seeks to link technological solutions to solve the real challenges of corporations in different industries.

Open innovation for all

We democratize open innovation in an agile, accessible, dynamic, fast way and most importantly, digitally.

Showcase of innovation

Promote or find technological solutions in our virtual showcase

Facilitates collaboration

Real and permanent connection between technologies and new business opportunities

Discover solutions

Solutions that add value to the business and promote startups for their connection with corporations

Expand the boundaries of corporate innovation to
open innovation, we are your best option

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Technological solutions
Visualize solutions easily and interactively with the
use of video, descriptive photos, pitch deck and documents
that respond to your corporate objectives.
Upload challenges
Communicate your corporate challenges and connect with
the best technological solutions for them.
Saving time and facilitating the innovation process.
You can launch multiple challenges across the entire ecosystem of
innovation to find solutions
Search and filter
Browse the platform in search of solutions
that suit your needs using filters

Case of success

Innova Startups Seal

We seek to promote the connection of startups with large companies, increasing their business opportunities as a result of Innova360's relationship with large companies, thus identifying real opportunities and accompanying startups to move to the next level, showing their value by solving problems in different industries .

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Business meetings
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Attendees to our events

Business opportunities

Participate in processes of solving challenges posed by large companies from different economic sectors.

Visibility in the ecosystem

Increase your exposure to the ecosystem through our various activities.


We help your start up in raising funds to grow and consolidate.

Show your value and be part of the Innova Startups Seal

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Continue your transformation journey

Internal innovation

Our commitment is that the management of innovation is installed through cultural change and technological transformation.

venture management

We help the corporate sector and high-impact technology solutions to connect successfully.

+ Connected

We connect your company with knowledge and with the most disruptive trends in technology and innovation at a national and international level.

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