Internal Innovation
We implement innovation management programs, generating true collaborative and innovative cultures, with a long-term perspective and with great impact on the organization.

i360 next-generation ideation and collaboration platform

Solve corporate challenges

Engage your organization in helping you solve the biggest corporate challenges.

Business impact

Capture valuable ideas with a real impact on your organization.


Integrate all your collaborators in the innovation process.

Install a true cultural shift towards
innovation that helps transform your organization

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From ideas to business impact

Throw challenges
Solve your corporate challenges aligned
to your strategic priorities.
New ideas
To solve corporate challenges and find
new ideas that add value to the business
Investment game
Support the best ideas and encourage participation
of the collaborators
Build communities
Create work teams, share and improve
your ideas in a creative and collaborative way.
Mobile App
Bring innovation to your collaborators
wherever you are through the APP. mobile

Angloamerican Internal Innovation Program: "Mind"

Success story in internal innovation Collahuasi

Success story in internal innovation Collahuasi


Continue your transformation journey

Open innovation

Boost your company in its technological and digital transformation strategy with the support of our Open Innovation methodology.

venture management

We help the corporate sector and high-impact technological solutions to connect successfully, generating business value.

+ Connected

We connect your company with knowledge and with the most disruptive trends in technology and innovation at a national and international level.

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