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Holistic innovation

Innova360 uses the perspective of holistic innovation, to see the organization as a whole and not in isolation. We know that if companies make an "Inside out" transformation, to include innovation in their DNA, this will have results and a commitment from everyone.

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holistic innovation

Our team

Laura Chicurel

Founder & CEO

`` True innovation is achieved with an Inside Out transformation``

Jorge Winter

Strategy Director

`` The look of Holistic Innovation allows us to see the organization as a whole``

Magdalena Gallardo

Project Manager

`` Organizations able to adapt to change will facilitate Innovation``

Rodrigo Gutiérrez

Innovation Manager

`` A culture of innovation allows the entire organization to be incorporated collaboratively to exceed our limits``

Daniela Olivares

Marketing & Event Manager

"Innovating is the only thing that companies can't stop doing."

Francisco Álvarez

Commercial Advisor

`` The ability to innovate allows teams to move forward with the only constant that is change.``

Pablo Gavilán

Community Manager and Project Management

Andrea Castro

Project Manager Mining

`` Innovation is one of the essential elements in the success of any organization``

Javier Martinez

Graphic Designer

`` The idea is not only to be better, but different ”

Miriam Hernandez

Accounting Administrative Manager

Natalia Solar

Senior Innovation project consultant

Ignacia de Frutos

Junior Project Manager

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Our Partners