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InnovaDrinks: sustainability "Waste management"

In the Center BCI was born this Tuesday, November 26, our 14th InnovaDrinks: “Sustainability and Waste Management”, when the importance of the circular economy and disruptive technologies to reduce the environmental impact caused by various industries to the planet was discussed, in addition to its contribution to innovation and its contribution to the generation of business opportunities.

The appointment, had the presentations of Rodrigo Valiente, Director of Planning Urbaser Danner Group; Constanza Cifuentes, IdeaTech Commercial Coordinator; Enrique Steynberg, CEO of Simple Data Corp; and Cristián Emhart, CEO of Food for the Future (F4F) and Nicolás Behar, CEO of Recylik; both winners of the InnovaSummit 2019 held last August in the Agtech and Construtech categories, respectively; as well as an important delegation of Dutch businessmen and investors, protagonists who addressed their experiences, the latest trends and developments regarding the circular economy and waste management.

For Constanza Cifuentes, IdeaTech Commercial Coordinator, this 14th InnovaDrinks “was a great and very interesting meeting, for which I am grateful that you have invited me. I think there are few instances like this where one can really approach people who come from outside and are interested in knowing Chilean technology. In our country there is a lot of technology of very good quality that we can export, so I think that these types of events are very valuable for the entire ecosystem and to motivate other people who are also thinking about doing innovation. ”

In the same way, Cristián Emhart, of F4F, said that “it was a great night where we addressed the importance of the circular economy and waste management with presentations by very good speakers and startups that contribute to recycling and circular economy. The relationship with the audience was very interesting, mainly with the entourage of Dutch businessmen and investors who were present. It was a great meeting because in these instances the bonding and interaction with various actors is encouraged ”.

For his part, Enrique Steynberg, CEO of Simple Data Corp, was grateful to participate in this InnovaDrinks, since “it was spectacular, where it showed the innovation that is being done in Chile, and on a topic of global importance, where they were able to bring together the stakeholders that are innovating, which means an important impulse for the industry and for the country, so it is necessary to continue with this type of initiatives to be able to realize all the investments in technological irruptions that are being developed ”.

Finally, Nicolás Behar, of Recylink, said that “it was quite good, we had a great time, with a lot of participation and questions from the attendees, so it was very entertaining, as well as being able to meet people who work in a circular economy, so We are very grateful for the invitation and happy to continue participating in more Innova360 activities. ”

Photos of the Event